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Touching Moments: Remarks from an Overseas Exhibitor at CISMEF

2019-08-14 10:22:15 来源:

Sri Lanka has participated in CISMEF for five consecutive years, exhibiting a variety of local products covering gems, handicrafts, creative floral designs, Ceylon black tea and spices. At the 16th CISMEF held this year, an enterprise running flower and plant business from Sri Lanka sent an emotional message to the CISMEF staff:



(Screenshot of the original text sent through WeChat)



(Exhibitors and his booth in 16th CISMEF)


(Media Coverage of Sri Lanka’s participation in the 16th CISMEF)

As mentioned by the flower and plant entrepreneur above, CISMEF provides a platform for SMEs from various countries to display and realize their dreams. Moreover, CISMEF is committed to providing meticulous and sincere services to the exhibitors. Muswenna Tea Factory, a black tea company from Sri Lanka, encountered some difficulties at the 16th CISMEF. The difficulties were successfully solved with the help of the CISMEF staff. Afterwards, he expressed his feelings for the exhibition and thanks to CISMEF:


(Screenshot of the original text sent through WeChat)

CISMEF will bear every moving moment in mind and put every service into practice. CISMEF will work unremittingly for the development of cooperation between Chinese and foreign SMEs, promote multi-form practical cooperation in a wide range of fields among SMEs in various countries, and assist SMEs to deeply participate in global value chains!