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Unremitting Efforts for Uninterrupted Service,Substantial Results Achieved Through Multilateral Cooperation among SMEs Facilitated by CISMEF

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The Targeted Business Matchmaking Activity for China-foreign SMEs (hereinafter referred to as “the Activity”) and the Business Promotion Activities for Exhibition Delegations (hereinafter referred to as “the Business Promotion Activities”) are both key events customized for exhibitors from foreign countries, international organizations and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Region to find business partners and expand their market in Mainland China in a more convenient and efficient manner.



The events provide a platform for the CISMEF exhibition delegations to promote themselves. Aiming at meeting the economic cooperation needs of the exhibitors while considering the cooperation intention of SMEs at home and abroad, the events, by relying on the enterprise resources and social influence of worldwide famous business associations, extensively mobilize SMEs at home and abroad to carry out pragmatic multilateral economic cooperation.



This year, 247 enterprises of 13 exhibition groups from Malaysia, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Greece, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Nepal, Russia and Taiwan Region participated in the Activity, which involves 16 industries, with an on-site intention turnover reaching nearly RMB 600 million.

Partnerships achieved among some exhibition groups (the first batch) are shown in the following figure:

Participating Exhibition Delegations Examples of Cooperation Details
Malaysia A Malaysian exhibitor and a Xinjiang enterprises reached the intent of cooperation to establish a factory in Malaysia to construct a Muslim beef and mutton base.
A Malaysian high-tech company engaged in Internet technology and artificial intelligence plans to cooperate with a Chinese company. The Chinese enterprise will be responsible for recommending Chinese enterprises to invest in Malaysia, while the Malaysian enterprise will be responsible for providing one-stop services for Chinese enterprises in Malaysia.
Fiji Investment Fiji negotiated with local businesses in Guangzhou for investment on hotel management in Fiji.
An exhibitor from Fiji and a travel agency from Guangdong Province will cooperate in the planning and service of tour routes in Fiji.
Japan A Japanese plum wine manufacturer reached the intent of cooperation with an enterprise in Guangzhou.
A Japanese enterprises producing specialty snacks reached the intent of cooperation with a trading company and a logistics company in Guangzhou respectively.
UAE The UAE SME Council encountered and held in-depth discussions with several Chinese glass products manufacturers at the exhibition site. The Council invited Chinese enterprises to exhibit in UAE in November.
A Chinese company purchased the enclosures of a decommissioned Boeing 747 from an exhibitor of Oman, UAE and assisted the UAE enterprise in negotiating with other Chinese businesses.
Thailand An exhibitor from Thailand and an enterprise in Guangzhou reached the intent of cooperation in specialization of airliner training and cruise hotel.
A Thai producer of curry and other food products reached cooperation agreements with a Chinese company.
A Thai manufacturer of beauty makeup and SPA products entered into trade cooperation agreements with a number of Guangdong enterprises.
Bulgaria A Bulgarian wine-making exhibitor met an old client again at CISMEF and achieved an intent of cooperation with the Chinese company.
Sri Lanka Tea produced in Sri Lanka was popular among Chinese businesses. Many Chinese enterprises reached agreements with enterprises from Sri Lanka to act as agents for Ceylon black tea and other products and sell them on the sales platforms of their own.
A gemstone enterprise from Sri Lanka reached an intent of cooperation with a Chinese enterprise which will act as an agent for jewelry products of Sri Lanka.
Australia An Australian exhibitor and a Chinese company reached the intent of cooperation in overseas education and immigration.
Nepal A Nepalese cashmere products enterprise reached an intent of cooperation with a Chinese enterprise.
Pakistan A Pakistani furniture manufacturer reached an intent of cooperation with a Chinese enterprise.
Zambia African wood carving was popular among CISMEF businesses. A Zambian exhibitor reached intents of cooperation with a number of Chinese enterprises.
Ethiopia A Leather products exhibitor negotiated and reached an intent of cooperation with a Chinese enterprise at the site of CISMEF.
An Ethiopian coffee enterprise reached cooperation agreements with Chinese enterprises on the import of coffee beans and other raw materials.
Taiwan Region A number of wine, food, agricultural products processing and detergent products exhibitors conducted in-depth negotiations and reached cooperation agreements with mainland enterprises.

(The first batch of achievements made through cooperation among SMEs at home and abroad)




In addition, 9 exhibition delegations from Malaysia, Iran, Fiji, Russia, the UAE, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan Region held more than 10 business promotion meetings. The fact that CISMEF has provided a platform and created opportunities for multilateral cooperation has been widely recognized by the exhibitors. Enterprises could not only promote their products and culture and enhance their recognition, but also understand China’s economic development policies, economic and social development status and trends in a more intuitive way. Such opportunities enable enterprises to have a better understanding of their intentions to engage in international cooperation.



The 16th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) has come to an end, but CISMEF will continue to provide services for SMEs. Continuous efforts will be made by CISMEF to maintain regular communication and exchange with exhibition groups, exhibition organizations and contacts of overseas countries, international organizations, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Region. CISMEF will also focus on the follow-up of cooperation between enterprises that have signed cooperation memorandums and those that have reached intents of cooperation, and provide various forms of services such as information transmission, negotiation support and enterprise investigations.