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Promoting High Quality Development of SMEs — The 16th CISMEF Witnesses Great Results

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The 16th China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) was concluded on June 27, at which fruitful results were gained with the aim of promoting high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) comprehensively according to the idea of “tackling difficulties, expanding market, and gathering popularity”. A total of 2,960 enterprises from 39 countries (regions) and international organizations participated in the fair, with an area of 160,000 square meters and 7,315 booths, which is the largest ever fair of its kind. Thirty-one provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, five cities specifically designated in the state plan, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and 21 cities above the prefecture level in Guangdong Province participated in the Fair with 78,000 purchasers. A total of 245,000 people came to the venue for negotiation and purchase, with the aggregate amount of contracts and letters of intent signed reached RMB 32.2 billion.


During the Fair, Li Xi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, paid a visit to the site of the Fair. Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, Li Yong, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, and Le Hoai Trung, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam attended the relevant activities and visited CISMEF. Mr. Li Xi recognized the prominent theme and distinctive features of the Fair, and requested that the Fair be further promoted to create a good environment for the growth of SMEs. Mr. Miao Wei suggested to give further play to CISMEF in bringing the SMEs altogether and helping them grow bigger and stronger. Mr. Ma Xingrui hoped that SMEs will seize the opportunity to deepen exchanges and cooperation in wider areas and at deeper levels with the help of CISMEF to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Director-General Li Yong believed that CISMEF is a grand event for SMEs around the world and is conducive to the sustainable development of the global economy.
The 16th CISMEF has the following highlights:
I. Conforming to the new pattern of opening to the outside world and opening up a new path for international cooperation for SMEs. The theme exhibition was coincident with the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day, which is more appealing to the SMEs all over the world. The participating countries (regions) and international organizations cover the all continents of the world. Fourteen countries and international organizations, including the guest of honor, the UNIDO, Malaysia and Fiji, organized official delegations to attend CISMEF and 27 consulates general in Guangzhou also attended. During the Fair, the Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day Conference 2019, Special Actions of the Belt and Road, three Targeted Business Matchmaking Activities for China-foreign SMEs and ten Overseas Business Promotion and Exchange Activities were held. More than 30 foreign business associations and SMEs from 17 countries such as Denmark, Cambodia, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh met with their Chinese counterparts in B2B talks during the Special Actions for the Belt and Road, with more than 300 cooperation intentions concluded, including about USD 150 million of imports and exports in agriculture, building materials, logistics, industry, handicrafts, manufacturing, food, seafood, consumer electronics, household appliances, tourism and financial services. For the first time, Guangzhou Customs provided market procurement trading services at CISMEF. Aolite Electric Appliances completed customs declaration within a few seconds, becoming the first market procurement trade that was concluded and settled for customs during the event. The aggregate amount of the signed contract and intended cooperation of overseas exhibition groups exceeded RMB 1.89 billion, of which the amount of immediate contract and intended cooperation of the co-host Malaysia exceeded RMB 1 billion, and the agreed transaction amount of the three Targeted Business Matchmaking Activities for China-foreign SMEs was about RMB 200 million.

Closely sticking to China’s policy of supporting the development of SMEs and providing authoritative policy interpretation for them. During the theme exhibition, 10 theme forums of various content and forms including China SME Summit were held. A total of 111 guests from China, Malaysia, the UNIDO, the Nordic Representative Office of the United Nations Development Programme, Italy, Mexico, Sri Lanka and other countries and international organizations attended the dialogues and interpretations on the policies for SME development, which attracted nearly 4,000 visitors and media participants. Mr. Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of MIIT expounded China’s policies and measures with regard to optimizing and improving the business environment, legal and policy environment, financing environment, entrepreneurship and innovation environment for SMEs. Mr. Li Yong and Mr. Ong Kian Ming shared their successful experiences and practices of the United Nations and Malaysia in supporting the development of SMEs, respectively. The Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Sound Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Guangdong Province’ “Ten Measures on Private Economy” and “Ten Measures on Real Economy” and other policies and measures were the focus of participating enterprises. Evaluation Report on High-quality Development of SMEs was released while the Fair went on, providing relevant policy suggestions for the high-quality development of SMEs.
III. Setting a benchmark for SMEs and demonstrating their high-quality development results. For the first time, pavilions of “specialized, sophisticated, special and new exhibits” were set up, exhibiting the latest achievements from the sound development of more than 1500 excellent Chinese SMEs and setting up a model for their development. Services were available at the venue of the Fair, including the investment and financing services, new product release, enterprise roadshows and technology alignment, helping SMEs tackle their difficulties in development. Six new products, including the world’s first fishing robot, 0.12MM electronic ultra-thin glass and 4k ultra-high definition broadcast-grade video camera, which were selected from 107 candidates recommended by 21 provinces and municipalities across China, were collectively released at the “Specialized, Sophisticated, Special and New Exhibits” Launch. They attracted widespread attention from Chinese SMEs, all sectors of society and the media. The training program for SMEs’ leading talent in the operation and management adheres to the concept of “talent is the first resource”, builds a public service platform for SMEs’ talent, continuously enhances the core competitiveness and brand popularity of enterprises, and promotes the high-quality development of SMEs. The Supply-Demand Matchmaking for Energy-saving Technology Transformation and Service helped solve the difficulties in the application of energy-saving technologies in enterprises and accelerate the popularization of the complicated, advanced, practical energy-saving technologies and efficient energy conservation services in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The Development Forum on Capital Market Assistance to SME Innovation held roadshows for five excellent projects, attracting investment institutions such as Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Emphasizing actual results in the matchmaking negotiations and bring tangible gains to SMEs. China’s 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), 5 specially designated cities and Xinjiang Construction and Production Corps displayed their “specialized, sophisticated, special and new exhibits” and innovative services, technologies and products, attracting 16,186 purchasers to visit, negotiate and purchase. The aggregated contract amount reached during the Fair was RMB 5.14 billion, and the agreed transaction amount was RMB 3.723 billion. Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang and other provinces organized special promotion and negotiation meetings during the Fair. At the Sichuan’s Investment Promotion Conference for New Products, representatives from Mianyang City signed investment cooperation agreements with 8 enterprises from Guangdong, Tianjin, Hebei and other places, totaling RMB 2.32 billion in the contract value. A total of 18 projects were signed at the labor-intensive industry investment and cooperation fair for the four prefectures of southern Xinjiang, with a contracted amount of RMB 1.876 billion, covering textile and clothing, electronic product assembly, agricultural and sideline products processing and other fields. At the matchmaking meeting for SMEs in Tibet Autonomous Region, Woye Tibetan Pig Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract of RMB 5 million with Zhongdi International Trade Co., Ltd. and Naqu Qiangtang Animal Husbandry Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract of RMB 5 million with Chengdu Rural Beauty Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area “shopping basket program” arose wide attention at the venue.

matchmaking meetings for intelligent manufacturing and energy conservation attracted 1,435 participants from 382 exhibitors and 791 purchasers. According to the rough statistics, 260 transactions were concluded during the Fair, with a total amount of contracts concluded and intended to be concluded being RMB 1.154 billion. The color spring water+flower and fruit tea developed and produced by Guizhou Ling Quan Sheng Shui Industry Co., Ltd. received intent orders worth RMB 830 million at the wine beverage and food and agricultural products matchmaking meeting. Six summits were held at the area for cross-border e-Commerce at the same time, with a total of 2,055 participants and contracts of about RMB 300 million were concluded.

Online CISMEF were launched for the first time, working to showcase the images and brands of SMEs. The online CISMEF was officially launched on June 24, providing exhibitors with online registration, online display, conference services and other functions. More than 1400 reputed exhibitors have registered and displayed more than 5,000 quality products online. In the future, for achieving the goal of online trading, an online platform with display and trading functions will be built for SMEs. The integration of online display services and offline transactions will be realized. SMEs will received lifetime services as long as they attend the fair as exhibitors only once. An ever-lasting CISMEF will at the service of SMEs for their continuous expansion of the market.