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Dutch Logistics Enterprise Twill Takes Preemptive Moves at CISMEF Providing Rich Services

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China International Small and Medium Enterprises Fair (CISMEF) attracts more than 1,000 international small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from nearly 40 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition every year. CISMEF is not only a trial field for SMEs before they enter China’s market but also a comprehensive platform to experience and purchase related professional services of SMEs such as information, financing, logistics, technology, talent training, market development, management consulting and foreign cooperation.

Among so many international exhibitors, international logistics enterprises enable Chinese SMEs to go global and develop in the overseas market. Twill, an international logistics enterprise of the Dutch exhibition group of the 16th CISMEF, is such a platform specially designed for SMEs. This year is the first time that Twill participates in the exhibition.


Simplifying logistics process for SMEs

Maersk, the world’s largest comprehensive container transportation and logistics company, decided to provide an effective logistics solution for SMEs after being aware of the demand of over 1,000 SMEs all over the world. That’s why the logistics platform Twill came into being. Backed up by the powerful logistics network of Maersk and the strengths of the online platform, Twill simplifies complicated international freight transport procedures significantly:

⚫Click the button on the online platform, and users can know about quotations and deal with file management and cargo delivery;

⚫Users can even deal with freight management and monitoring at home;

⚫Elite teams provide 24-hour professional services for clients every day.

At the 16th CISMEF, Twill showed clients the platform operation on site, and clients were impressed by the standardization, simplicity and efficiency of the traditional logistics industry. Therefore, Twill gradually gained a reputation through communication and transactions. Mr. Ali who is from Dubai said happily: “It is so convenient because I can know the freight costs right after the deal at the exhibition.” After that, he introduced Twill to the organizing committee of the Ras Al Khaimah SME exhibition group of United Arab Emirates as a recommended logistics provider to provide services for the SMEs at the exhibition.


(Dutch exhibitor Twill showing platform operation for clients)


Future opportunity brought about by participating in CISMEF

“At CISMEF, we have witnessed the flourishing SME market and its popularity, as well as many possibilities and opportunities for future development”, said Ms. He, representative of Twill in south China. In order to become a bridge that connects SMEs and the world, Twill will participate in the 17th CISMEF in 2020.


(Exhibiting countries set up special consultation booths to provide the audience with first-hand information on domestic economic and trade investment.)

CISMEF is providing higher-quality and wider-range services for SMEs year by year. CISMEF sincerely invites more excellent enterprises in all countries and regions to participate in the exhibition and jointly boost the development of SMEs at home and abroad.

The 17th CISMEF will be held in Zone B of the Canton Fair Complex from June 27 to June 30, 2020. SME exhibitors, clients and audiences are welcome to experience rich, efficient and professional services!

By: International Cooperation Department