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CISMEF Becoming More and More International

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Over the past 16 years,
CISMEF has made friends from the five continents of the world,
among which 19 countries and international organizations have
co-hosted the event together with CISMEF,
carried out the high-standard, multi-level and wide-range cooperation.

So far till the 16th CISMEF
Attending participants include 10,173 enterprises from foreign countries, international organizations and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Region.
CISMEF is becoming more and more international!
Here are some comments on CISMEF…
Malaysia Ministry of International Trade and Industry:
Attending the 16th CISMEF will greatly boost China-Malaysia economic exchanges, which is of great significance for closer bilateral ties.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)
CISMEF is a grand event for SMEs around the world and is conducive to the sustainable development of the global economy.


Thailand Ministry of Industry, Thailand Industry Promotion Board, and Thailand Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Development:

Through CISMEF, Thailand exhibitors can increase sales and market research, exchange information with foreign exhibitors, promote product exploration, facilitate product comparison research between Thailand and other countries and bench marking management, and have the opportunity to meet with new business partners, importers or wholesalers to do business. New exhibitors can also acquire the experience of attending international exhibitions.

Consulate General of Fiji in Shanghai:
We have hosted several activities during the Fair, which delivers excellent results!


Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization:
We will try our best to help our SMEs to display themselves in CISMEF and hope that our performance in the 17th CISMEF next year will be better.


Malaysian Exhibitors:
This Fair (CISMEF) is excellent for we can bring our high-tech products to Chinese market and communicate and share with others.

Russian Exhibitors:
China’s economy has been growing in the recent years and is still robust. It has great significance to the world’s economy, while the SMEs plays a vital role in it. As we can see from the Fair, SMEs in China develop rapidly, not only in quantity, but also in technology.
This year’s Fair is better in service and organization. I have gained a lot from targeted business matchmaking event and product supply and demand matching event for Chinese and foreign SMEs.

Mexican Exhibitors,
Over the past ten years or more, the consumption capacity of Chinese consumers has been growing rapidly, so we are confident that more and more Chinese consumers will accept our products.


Japanese Exhibitors:
We have attended CISMEF for many years, and our products have always been popular.

Pakistani Exhibitors:
CISMEF is a great success, and is expanding each year. The development of Chinese economy benefits a lot of people because China is willing to share its fruit with the other countries in the world.

Sri Lankan Exhibitors:
It is our first time to be here in CISMEF, and we have got great experience. Now we have the idea of what kind of products are more popular among Chinese customers, and we hope that we can do better next year.

Bulgarian Exhibitors:
I have been to many cities in China, but it’s my first time to Guangzhou. I have participated in many activities in this Fair and I will come next year.


Exhibitors from Hong Kong
CISMEF is getting better in its organization and planning!

Exhibitors from Taiwan Region:
Only Taiwan has this kind of colorful mineral materials, and our products are deeply loved by customers in mainland China, Europe and America.

Haven’t attended CISMEF?
The 17th CISMEF from June 27 to 30, 2020 is waiting for you!