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1.China’s economy achieved high speed growth for more than 4 decades. In 2017, per capita GDP surpassed 9,400 USD. With 1.3 billion populations, China has fostered a potential consumption market and sound investment atmosphere due to 40 years following the reform and opening-up. This is a great business opportunity for enterprises from all countries, especially SMEs. China is your prime destination of investment and trade.

2.As the hosting province of CISMEF, Guangdong Province, one of the most economically developed provinces, is at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up. Its GDP ranks the first among all the provinces in 2017, and import & export volume accounts for 1/4. The province is home to all industries, with matching facilities. It is also a major province of production, trade and consumption in China. It is an ideal platform for foreign companies to make entry.

3.CISMEF is a platform of display, exchange, trade and cooperation with the support of Chinese government at all levels. CISMEF pools diverse government resources for you to contact more than 3,000 companies and government agencies from 31 provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities in the fair, which will facilitate your trade and cooperation

4.CISMEF draws great attention from many countries, with France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Ecuador, Vietnam, Indonesia,UN Office for South-South Cooperation, Mexico, Malaysia, Cote d’Ivoire, India, South Africa, UAE and United Nations Industrial Development Organization being the co-host countries (organization) in the past. CISMEF also attracts 53 ASEM members and 16 Central and Eastern European countries as well as Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Chinese Taiwan, bringing exchange and cooperation opportunity with companies from these countries and regions for you.

5.CISMEF is the largest and most important event for SMEs in the Asian-Pacific regions, with wide influence. It is also an UFI approved event. CISMEF Organizing Committee attaches great importance to industry demand by matching foreign exhibitors with eligible Chinese enterprises, as well as other services.

6.Co-hosting CISMEF with China is conducive to showcase image of a country and promoting economic and cultural exchange with China. Enterprises can have access to preferential condition and services in CISMEF and be supported by the Organizing Committee.