Overview of the 15th CISMEF

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Exhibition area

About 150,000 square meters, including an area of 50,000 square meters in PWTC Expo (Overseas Exhibition: 20,000 square meters) and an area of 100,000 square meters in Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.


Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and more than 20 foreign countries or regions, with an expectation of 200,000 visits.

Exhibition Application

  1. OverseasThemeExhibition: Overseas enterprises may apply to the local exhibitor recruitment organizer of their countries or regions or contact with the Secretariat of CISMEF Organizing Committee for details. Overseas exhibitors shall, prior to June 30, 2018, submit their exhibition needs (number of booths, booth nature, etc.) to the Secretariat via organizers in respective countries (regions) so that the Secretariat can confirm participation information, send invitations, and give guidance on move-in and customs clearance.

Tel: (86) 20 83137630 (Toni He) 83137642 (Christina Huang)

E-mail:  toni3670@sina.com, christina830@foxmail.com

Fax: (86) 20 83137626

  1. Domestic Theme Exhibition: Enterprises may apply to the SME departments of provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and cities specifically designated in the state planor contact withthe Secretariat of the CISMEF Organizing Committee for details; enterprises intending to participate in Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition may consult Asia-Pacific E-commerce Institute, the professional undertaker entrusted by the the Secretariat of the CISMEF Organizing Committee, or contact the Secretariat of the CISMEF Organizing Committee by phone for details.

Tel:Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition: (86)13600033304 (Luo Lei)

(86)13560076368 (Su Ying)

Secretariat of Organizing Committee: (86) 20 83137651 (Luo Siyao)

(86) 20 83137618 (Wang Xing)

E-mail: zzzs@cismef.com.cn

Fax: (86) 20 83137615