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The 14th China International SME Fair Concluded Successfully Both Domestic and Foreign SMEs Harvesting Fruitful Achievements on Exchange and Cooperation

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On October 23, being co-hosted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, People’s Government of Guangdong Province and Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) of South Africa, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the 14th China International SME Fair (hereinafter referred to as 14th CISMEF) has been concluded successfully. The 14th CISMEF holds Domestic Theme Exhibition (including Province & Autonomous Region & Municipality Exhibition and Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition), Overseas Exhibition and three Specialized Exhibitions which is composed of Intelligent Manufacturing & “Internet+” Exhibition, Intelligent Building and Smart Home Exhibition and Energy Conservation Exhibition, as well as China SME Summit, SMEs Cross-border Business Matchmaking Activity, 2017 “Maker in China” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, ASEM Seminar on All-Dimensional Support to the Financing of SMEs, 2017 Embracing Africa Summit under the Special Action to Support SME to Participate in Belt and Road Initiative, SME Informatization Application Promotion Activity and Informatization Forum and other related forum activities.
Altogether 3056 enterprises from 35 countries/regions including China have participated in the Fair. Covering the area of 150,000 square meters with 6328 booths which is the largest scale in the history. There are totally 322,000 participants entering the venue for visiting, negotiation and purchase, and 1688 contracts and letters of intent have been reached with total amount of RMB 87.737 billion.
The 14th CISMEF has four prominent features:
1.Cooperate with African countries and international organizations again and deepen international SMEs cooperation further
Co-hosted with South Africa and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the 14th CISMEF has not only promoted exchanges and cooperation of SMEs between China and African countries and enriched experience with BRICS countries and international economic and trade organizations, but also facilitated SMEs to actively join global and regional value chain and provided an important platform for mutual learning among SMEs.
Official delegations from South Africa, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Egypt, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Burma, Russia and United Arab Emirates have participated in the Fair. Besides, 14 countries along “Belt and Road Initiatives” including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, Egypt, Iran, United Arab Emirates, India, Poland, Russian, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have also taken part in the Fair for the purpose of deepening national economic exchanges and cooperation between China and “Belt and Road Initiatives” countries.
During the 14th CISMEF, 34 overseas countries (regions and international organizations) have exhibited brilliant featured products and cultures. On the venue, several featured exhibits including Japanese plum wine, Thai natural rubber pillow and Durian chips, Sri Lankan black tea, Bulgarian Rose products, Polish amber and Vietnamese mahogany furniture have attracted numerous businessmen and audiences. Besides, on the venue of Overseas Exhibition, 109 contracts and 508 letters of intent have been concluded and signed, in which 112 letters of intent have been reached with South Arica, 200 with Russia and 82 with Japan. Several exhibitors from Mexico, Bulgaria, Thailand and Taiwan have built partnership with China. More than 1000 professional buyers have attended activities held in the international Business Promotion Area for overseas countries and many of them have gained business opportunities.
2.Continuously intensify professional exhibition and further highlight “Extensive in Most but Professional in Some”
Domestic Theme Exhibition has provided an essential platform on across-regional exchange and cooperation for domestic provinces and cities, and 31 national provinces (regions and cities), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and 5 cities specially designated in the state plan have intensively displayed “Professional, delicate, characteristic and new” technologies and products. Further, 60% exhibits from provincial, regional and municipal exhibitors are within the fields of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection and information technology, fully reflecting active response of various provinces, regions and cities to “Made in China 2025” development strategy and vigorously promoting the conversion from Made in China to Wisdom in China.
Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition has offered a panoramic view in Cross-border E-commerce industry chain; America, Australia, France, Japan, Korea and other 4 overseas countries (regions) have participated in the exhibition with internationalized proportion of about 20%, 24 industrial leading enterprises covering 16% and 36 listed companies taking up 24%. At the same period, 13 professional forum activities such as “Leaders Summit for Win-win Belt and Road Initiatives Cross-border E-commerce Ecosystem” have also been held with nearly 5000 participants.
Intelligent Manufacturing and “Internet+” Exhibition has set up 7 theme exhibition areas and 656 enterprises both at home and abroad in manufacturing and “Internet+” fields have exhibited more than 80 categories of products covering big data, cloud computing, wisdom logistics, e-commerce, industry and service robot, unmanned aerial vehicle, VR/AR, internet payment and artificial intelligence as well as latest achievements on “Industry 4.0). Besides, 31 seminar activities such as the 7th China Intelligence Industry Summit and 2017 National Robot and Artificial Intelligence Competition held at the same period have also offered an excellent platform for industry exchanges and cooperation as well as cross-border integration.
Intelligent Building and Smart Home Exhibition has gathered whole industry chain products in building materials and home furnishings. Among exhibitors from 9 overseas countries/regions, the number of intelligent customized home furnishing companies has been increased more than that of previous fairs. And intelligent machinery and equipment enterprises have also joined the Fair. Further, The 4th “The Belt and Road” City Construction and Development Forum, the 4th China International Designer Festival and other 13 forum activities have demonstrated excellent exhibition works from outstanding Chinese architects and designers. Moreover, German master architect Gable and Edward SHEN, the president of World Association of Chinese Architects” have taught advanced industrial culture ideas on the scene.
Energy Conservation Exhibition covers the fields of energy conservation, environment protection and new energy. Overseas exhibitors are mainly from America, Italy, Japan, France and Australia. During the exhibition, 6 forum activities including International Forum of Guangdong Energy Conservation Science and Technology Innovation and Lecture Forum on SME Capital Operation and Green Industry and Finance Development have also been held.
3.Continuously create brand forum and facilitate SME transforming promotion and innovative development.
Featuring prominent topics, rich contents and obvious effect, major forum activities of the 14th CISMEF have intensified its internationalized integrated service platform and facilitated the construction of supply-side structural reform, innovation-driven development strategy and open-type new economic system, which have attracted a wide spread attentions from exhibitors and all sectors of society.
During the fair, totally 74 participants (80 man-time) from China, South Africa, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Italy, Croatia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Benin and Nigeria have been invited for lecture, dialogue or comment, and more than 2600 man-time audiences and media have joined it.
24 excellent entrepreneur and innovation projects have been shown in 2017 “Maker in China” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition; 275 overseas enterprises from 15 countries and regions including South Africa, Malaysia, Russia, Bulgaria, Japan and Greece as well as 423 domestic enterprises have taken part in “One-to-one” and “Face-to-face” negotiation in SMEs Cross-border Business Matchmaking Activity and finally reached 121 letters of intent; besides, business associations from South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Zambia and other 8 African countries as well as nearly 300 domestic enterprises have participated in 2017 Embracing Africa Summit under the Special Action to Support SME to Participate in Belt and Road Initiative Activities and concluded many export intents through field matchmaking with total amount of USD 97million. Moreover, Guangzhou Proposal on Supporting SME Financing Development has also been published on the ASEM Seminar on All-dimensional Support to the Finance of SMEs; and three-year plan for Cloud Services of Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises has been issued at the same period of 2017 “Maker in China” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as well.
4.Broaden negotiation channel and enhance effects of SME participation
Domestic enterprises from various provinces, regions and cities have obtained great achievements in the SME Fair. For example, “Tibet Healthy Water,World Wide Share” PRD (Guangzhou)Promotion Activity has reached the sales agreements with total quantity of nearly 160,000 tons valuing RMB 500 million; Sichuan Andgem Graphene Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Leshan Master Baby Products Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Sen Source Bio Technology Co., Ltd. have respectively signed with Canadian, Guangzhou and Thai enterprises on the venue with total amount of RMB 249 million; and Hebei PLYW Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Dayun Auto Manufacture Co., Ltd. have signed contracts on the scene with the amount of RMB 100 million and cooperative intention amount of RMB 100 million.
Furthermore, product supply and demand matchmaking activities organized by industry have also achieved obvious results, covering textile and garment, cold chain procurement, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection, retail chain, food and beverage, electronics and craft gifts. Totally 1048 participants from 306 exhibitors and 495 procurement enterprises have joined the activity. According to incomplete statistics, 182 transactions have been made on the scene with total amount of RMB 255.26 million.
Enterprise cooperative and trading volume is outstanding in Specialized Exhibitions. And the atmosphere in the Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition is active. Australia SOFT FINACIAL PTY Ltd. (Made in Australia) has reached the intention of cooperation with Grandbuy, The Onion and KJT with total amount of RMB 500 million; during the period of “Intelligent Manufacturing & “Internet+” Exhibition with 168,000 participants, 20 investment projects with the amount of RMB 82.91 billion have been concluded in the exhibition; on the Intelligent Building and Smart Home Exhibition, altogether 99 contracts and letters of intent have been reached, Hongwei Furniture has obtained 100 sets of customized furniture orders on the venue with contract amount of RMB 5 million; and during the process of Energy Conservation Show, Foshan Bibao and Chongqing Rongchang Energy Conservation and Environment Protection Park have reached with Intention of Investment of RMB 20 million.
Since its establishment of 2004, CISMEF has been held successfully for 14 sessions and co-hosted with 18 countries/regions and international organizations from five continents, with the increasingly perfection of comprehensive platform functions such as negotiations, industry exchanges, policy information release, investment and financing services and continuously improving level of internationalization, marketization and specialization.