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First look of the 14th CISMEF|Mexico

2017-09-08 07:56:11 来源:

Five thousand years ago, the Mexican Indians created the world-famous Mayan culture, the Tortke culture and the Aztec culture. Today, Indian indigenous culture and European culture are integrated, which forms unique song and dance, painting, drama and other national culture. From the hearty Mexicans and their beautiful and yet delicate handicrafts, we can still experience ancient civilization which brings them positive attitude and dare trying spirit.
Mexico has a wealth of natural resources, but also is the world’s energy, mining and agricultural power. This year in the 14th CISMEF, the Mexico Pavilion will bring a variety of agricultural products, well-known tequila with strong flavors and local cuisine. You are welcome to taste!

%e5%a2%a8%e8%a5%bf%e5%93%a5Next week, the editor of CISMEF will show you “the kingdom of coconuts”–Philippines,the charm of the“Shopping Paradise”Hong Kong, “the Las Vegas of the East”Macao  as well as the fertile and beautiful area–Taiwan!