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First look of the 14th CISMEF|Myanmar

2017-09-08 07:54:57 来源:

Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a country with long history and splendid civilization. It is the nation in which you will see the Shwedagon Pagoda that looks dazzling in the sunshine, the graceful and devout monks dressed in red robe on the Mandalay Hill, exquisite thousands of Buddhas statues on the outside ivory wall of Ananda Temple. In recent years, tourism of Myanmar develops in a fast speed. Other industries like jewelry, rubber and coffee are booming as well.
This year, in Myanmar Pavilion Gems and Jewelry, Handicrafts, Coffee, Rubber products and Tea products will be exhibited. If you want to find out more information, welcome to the 14th CISMEF!

Next week, the editor of CISMEF will show you “the kingdom of coconuts”–Philippines,the charm of the“Shopping Paradise”Hong Kong, “the Las Vegas of the East”Macao  as well as the fertile and beautiful area–Taiwan!