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First look of the 14th CISMEF|U.S.A

2017-09-08 07:53:30 来源:

Standing on the other side of the Ocean, the United States is a dreamland full of opportunities and challenges, where many people have made their dream come true. The flourish development in technology and economic of the United States has attracted outstanding talents in various fields. So that in science &technology, education, culture and other fields, the US takes the leading position in the world. In addition, it is also the melting pot of the world with people from different races and beliefs living in harmony, which creates the diversity and inclusiveness of American culture.
During the 14th CISMEF, 9 enterprises from the United States will present colorful and unique exhibits of Education, Consulting, Manufacturing, Service, Cross-border E-Commerce and IT. Furthermore, many companies from the United States will also attend the Cross-border E-Commerce Exhibition and Intelligent Manufacturing & “Internet +” Exhibition in the 14th CISMEF, including Sleep-Aid Company listed on the NASDAQ, Definitive Path, as well as industry tycoons, world-class platform ebay, Wish, Amazon and other companies. The US well-known enterprise Google will also bring the latest IT and innovative products and technology. What’s more, the US Industrial Internet Application Sharing Conference will also be held. If you want to find out more information, welcome to the 14th CISMEF!

Next week, the editor of CISMEF will show you “the kingdom of coconuts”–Philippines,the charm of the“Shopping Paradise”Hong Kong, “the Las Vegas of the East”Macao  as well as the fertile and beautiful area–Taiwan!