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First look of the 14th CISMEF|Cambodia

2017-09-08 07:52:37 来源:

Hi, here comes the latest“The 14th CISMEF First Look Series”! Today we will invite you to find out the beauty of the Cambodia, Myanmar,  U.S.A and Mexico, and get to know more information about these countries in the 14th CISMEF.
In Cambodia, we can see Angkor Wat – one of the four wonders of the East, the pagoda in the Bayon temples, and the Taplon Monastery, the port of Sihanouk, and the floating village in the lake, which is the Cambodia’s most unique scenery.
In addition to these natural and cultural landscapes, Cambodia is also famous for its local production of gemstone jewelry, needlework, woodcarving and so on. As the old friend of CISMEF, this year, Cambodia Pavilion features gemstone jewelry and handicrafts with its unique characteristics. If you want to find out more information, welcome to the 14th CISMEF!

Next week, the editor of CISMEF will show you “the kingdom of coconuts”–Philippines,the charm of the“Shopping Paradise”Hong Kong, “the Las Vegas of the East”Macao  as well as the fertile and beautiful area–Taiwan!