The SMEs Cross-border Business Matchmaking Activity of the 14th China International SME Fair

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I. Date/Venue
(1) Date: October 10, 2017.
(2) Venue: Hall 5, 3/F, Poly World Trade Center Expo (PWTC Expo), Guangzhou.

II. Background
To address the problems restricting the internationalized development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) such as blocked information channels, financing difficulty and high loan interest and help SMEs integrate into the global value chain, Bank of China (BOC) has employed its advantage in internationalization and diversification, intuitively organized cross-border matchmaking service, established cooperative relations with governments, banks, chambers of commerce and other institutions in the rest of the world, provided exchange and matchmaking service and financial support for Chinese and foreign SMEs needing cross-border cooperation, and designed a “six-step” service process integrating information base building, customer matching, online “dating”, face-to-face communication, field investigation and financial service. Starting in 2015, cross-border matchmaking service has covered developed countries in North American, Western European and Asian-Pacific region, as well as the countries in Southeast Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and other regions along the “Belt and Road”, receiving warm welcome from domestic and foreign SMEs.

III. Organization
(1) Organizer: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Bank of China, People’s Government of Guangdong Province
(2) Undertaker: Bank of China Guangdong Branch, Bureau of China International SME Fair

IV. Event Content and Scale
Some 500 Chinese and foreign SMEs will attend the matchmaking activity, including about 150 from South Africa, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, etc.
A “one-on-one” matchmaking area and a waiting area will be set up in the venue. 100 negotiation tables will be arranged for the “one-on-one” matchmaking zone, enterprises will be organized for “one-on-one” and “face-to-face” negotiations, all-round services including interpretation and legal service will be provided. Round tables will be arranged for the waiting area by industry.

V. Forms of Matchmaking
The activity will provide cross-border investment & financing matchmaking service to Chinese and foreign SMEs participating in the 14th CISMEF and intending to make or attract investment, i.e. “six-step” cross-border matchmaking service integrating information base building, customer matching, online “dating”, face-to-face communication, field investigation and financial service:
Step 1: Acquire the needs of enterprises participating in the 14th CISMEF, and initially determine SMEs with the intent of international investment cooperation;
Step 2: Complete the information exchange and demand matching based on the needs of Chinese and foreign SMEs;
Step 3: Help customers with online communication and “dating” in forms such as Internet and e-mail;
Step 4: Organize enterprises for several rounds of “one-on-one” and “face-to-face” negotiations, and provide free all-round services including interpretation, legal service, accounting and investment policy consultation;
Step 5: Conduct field investigations of enterprises, and reach the substantial intent of cooperation;
Step 6: Continuously follow up enterprises’ needs for financing, investment and consultation during “outward investment” and “inward investment”, and provide enterprises with life-cycle financial services and products such as investment intent, construction preparation and production development.

VI. Focused Industries
Intelligent manufacturing and equipment, smart building materials and home furnishing, smart textile and garment, energy conservation and environmental protection, agriculture and food processing, health and medicine, information technology, tourism consumption and other industries.


Download:Information about Enterprises on the BOC Global Platform of Matchmaking Services for SME Investment.doc