The 14th China International SME Fair China SME Summit

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A country can’t grow stronger without the real economy, and the small and medium-sized enterprises are the principal part of the latter. To prosper the real economy, attention on the development of the SMEs is required to conduct in-depth discussions on how to carry out the more effective policies and measures, to improve the environment of SMEs development, to establish a sound and long-term mechanism in favor of the SMEs development, to organize and mobilize all sides of the society to support and pay attention to the growth of the SMEs, to help enterprises overcome the difficulties and realize the sustainable and sound development.
1. The Theme of the Summit
(1) Theme
New thinking, New motivating, New manufacturing
(2) Background
On the cusp of dramatic changes of global economic and industrial patterns, the economic world is in the revolutionary period of transition, when the old economic world is experiencing profound changes and the dawn of the new world is dimly to see. Crises are hidden in these changes, but gestate more hopes. At this important historic point of possible reform, where is the way for the real economy, as a core force in promoting the China’s economic development? And how can the traditional manufacturing enterprises, especially the SMEs in the manufacturing industry, react according to the early signs and realize their cocoon-break and rebirth?
In the uncertainty of the economic growth, a certain kind of order is quietly forming, profiling the future economic world. New structural reforming measures and technical revolution of new generation, will embrace the global market in a more open mind to participate in the international capacity cooperation. These will be a new-born power to lead our national real economy and SMEs to find the light in the uncertainty.
From traditional manufacturing to “new manufacturing”, “new motivating” is needed, and in the meanwhile, change and breakthrough in the thinking are required in breeding “new motivating”! This Summit will invite senior officials, famous specialists and scholars, and noted entrepreneurs from China, South Africa and United Nations Industrial Development Organization, to have in-depth discussion with the theme of “New Thinking, New Motivating, New Manufacturing”, concerning on  how to return to commercial essence, bring entrepreneurs the “new thinking”, help the SMEs dispel the mist in their exploration, and promote the “new motivating” in their transformation development, in order to promote innovative development and transformation of SMEs in the manufacturing industry of our country.
2. Organization Structure
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
State Administration for Industry and Commerce
People’s Government of Guangdong Province
(2)Executive Organization
Bureau of China International SME Fair
Guangdong Council for the Development Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises
3. Time and Venue
14:00-17:40 on 10th October, 2017
International Convention Hall (1F) of the Garden Hotel Guangzhou