Asia-Europe Seminar on SME Financing

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Focusing on inclusive finance, Serving SMEs

II.Purpose and Significance
The GDP of the participating countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting is more than half of world GDP, and their total trade volume accounts for nearly 70 percent of world trade volume. Since the establishment of the Asia-Europe Meeting in 1996, the number of member countries has increased to 53. There are a lot of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the participating countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting, covering major industries such as manufacturing, service industries and trade. SMEs are the important source of employment, innovation and economic growth for all countries.
SMEs of the ASEM participating countries are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the weakness of global economic recovery after the international financial crisis. The great difficulty in financing and high interest rates are especially prominent. In view of that, the 10th ASEM Summit (Milan, October 2014) stated, “The leaders stressed the importance of improving the operation framework and working conditions of SMEs in the member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting, including expanding their credit approaches”. The Ulaanbaatar Declaration issued by the leaders attending the 11th ASEM Summit (Mongolia, July 2016) promised to continue promoting the mechanism of Asia-Europe Meeting in an open and progressive way, and promote deeper cooperation on the basis of fully summarizing the previous experience.
At the 1st Asia-Europe Seminar on SME Financing in Rome in 2015, the participants present reached consensus on public-private cooperation, the establishment of the credit rating system, the expansion of credit approaches and other fields. We will host the 2nd Asia-Europe Seminar on SME Financing in Guangzhou on October 11, 2017. Under the theme of “Focusing on Inclusive Finance, Serving SMEs”, the seminar will focus on renovating products and models of SME financing, developing diversified financing channels for SMEs and perfecting the SME financing service system. Through the seminar, we expect to create a platform for government departments, financial institutions and enterprises to share best practices, views and opinions, and offer suggestions on improving the financing environment for SMEs in the member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting.

1. Host Country/Host
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PRC
People’s Government of Guangdong Province
Bank of China
2. Co-host Country
Italy, etc.

Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, PRC

V.Date and Venue
Date: 08:30-19:00 October 11
Venue: Hydrangea Hall, 3/F, Garden Hotel Guangzhou