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First look of The 14th CISMEF| Iran

2017-09-01 12:15:47 来源:

What made the Iranian style and charm? Is the remains of the mysterious ancient Persian Empire, the bright eyes of the girls who wear a scarf, or the white smoke rising from the hookah?
Since ancient time, as the intersection of East and West, Iran frequently traded with China. It was one of the most important part of the ancient “Silk Road”. Nowadays, Iran has become the world’s fourth largest oil producer and the textile, food and other industries are also booming.
This year, exhibition group of Iran will include Iranian food companies (pistachios, saffron, edible oil, dried fruit products, etc.). If you want to find out more information, please do not miss the 14th CISMEF!
Next week, we will take you to the Cambodia, a country with unique landscape,Myanmar,the kingdom of pagodas,Mexico, a Cactus country under the sun, as well as one of the most powerful nation — USA.See you there!